Friday, February 24, 2012

February Catch Up~

Our month of February has been busy!!
We drove up to Hurricane for a mission farewell, one of Brian's priests was leaving and we told him we'd come up!  Any excuse to get up there, we'll take!!
Sadly I hardly took any pictures...  We quickly learned that Bo rules Grandpa and Grandma's house! Haha!  Apparently, Brian was in his spot!  

 All the kids in Bo's cage...Photobucket 
 Driving home... The Gorge is my favorite part!! It's so pretty!

We stopped in Vegas and went to the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop...  It was a lot smaller then I pictured!  But we can say we've been there! Ü

This is Brian's favorite place to come relax after work... Watching the fish and Rusty makes the best pillow! Ü Photobucket 

Kernan got to go with Daddy and his scouts on one of their camping trips... Photobucket 



We got to go to Wicked again!!  
My Mom and I have been before, but this time we took Maci, Jaxin, my Grandma and Jourdan with us.  Just as good the second time as it was the first! Ü Photobucket 
Now pictures from my Baby Shower!!  Since my Grandma was in town for Wicked we had a baby shower for McKenna and I while she was here... My Mom amazed me!!  Just you wait and see!! Ü

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