Thursday, February 02, 2012

Our Basketball Star...

Kernan had a lot of fun playing basketball this year!  That's all the matters, right?!  He spent a lot of his time in "la-la" land, giggling or dancing... But he had fun!!  We'll get more serious about it as he gets older! haha! Photobucket


Dancing his way back down the court... Photobucket
 Guarding his "buddy"... 

 Afterwards with his team...

The Suns gave all the kids that played 2 tickets to a game... So Brian and Kernan got to go! Photobucket
 They had nose bleed seats, but by the look on his face, he doesn't seem to bothered! Photobucket
 After the game, the kids were allowed to go down on the court and attempt to make a basket.  Photobucket
Kernan and Daddy

Kernan with some of his team mates Photobucket
The coaches gave all the kids these certificates, Kernan was the most enthusiastic for sure!! 

Kernan has so much fun!  Next sport... Soccer but not until the fall.

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